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Aroma Installer Features & Instructions:


Apps that was marked as bloatware and can be installed/removed in the aroma:

  • Google Chrome
  • Google Maps
  • DropBox
  • Flipboard Briefing
  • Google TalkBack
  • Google Hangouts
  • Mobileprint services
  • S Health
  • GeoLookout
  • YouTube
  • Kids Mode
  • Game Features
  • ES File Explorer
  • Genie widget
  • Google Music
  • Google Search
  • Kies
  • Samsung Apps
  • SMemo
  • S Voice
  • Samsung Gear Support
  • Samsung Gear VR Support
  • Video Editor
  • Google Drive
  • Google TTS
  • Car Mode
  • My Files
  • MirrorLink
  • OperaMax
  • Added as options in the Aroma:
    You can choose now tweaks you want to install!
    Tweaks list:
  • EXT4 Tweaks:

    This mod will turn ON data_writeback for all 3 partitions - system, data and cache. This will drastically improve I/O performance (mostly on write operations) at the expense of file system integrity in certain situations, like unexpected system shutdown. The risk is not extreme, but still bigger then regular. Use this to improve your system performance, but you flash it at your own risk!

    - thx to mike1983.
  • OpenVPN Tweaks
  • SQLite Tweaks
  • Tweak: Force Launcher into memory
  • Tweak: 3G Tweaks - Speed up 3G connection
  • Tweak: Net Speed Tweaks - Tweak to speed up internet connection
  • Tweak: Latest Seeder thx to lambgx02 his thread
  • Scrolling tweaks - Better, faster and stronger scrolling
  • Flash-Led Tweaks - Better flash-led intensity and camera-flash quality
  • Video-Streaming tweaks - Smoother and faster internet video streaming

    Choosing all tweaks can cause for lags, etc. Choose only if you really need it.
    You can choose now mods you would like to install!
    Mods list:
  • Install Increased volume(thx to @zubi182) :
    - Lite Increased Volume
    - Mid Increased Volume
    - Balanced Increased Volume
  • Added option to choose between original PhoeniX Boot&Shut down animation to Stock Boot& Shut down animation
  • Added Option select several mods
  • Added Touchwiz options:
    - tamirda's TouchWiz Mod with 5x5 apps grid, 4x4 Folder apps, smaller icons and 6 hotseat apps
    - Stock Touchwiz
  • Option to choose 560 DPI instead of 640 DPI