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Q: I am getting assert failed when I am trying to flash the rom. What should I do?
A: I have put a security command to check the models of your phone, because we have several versions for our device, and some people might flash on the wrong model.
This command makes sure you are using the right model.
If you have the right model and you still get that, you have to use PhilZ recovery:
В http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2201860
After you flash the recovery, flash the rom agian and it will work.
Good luck!

Installation Requirements:

  • If youcome from another rom, it is important to make Full Wipe.
  • If you upgrade this rom from previous version just make wipe in the aroma.
  • Make efs backup(If you have one already, don't make)
  • Install rom - Choose options in the Aroma installer
  • Reboot(Do not flash any mods before 1st boot)
  • Enjoy!


Notes(Pay Attention):

  • I'm not responsible for any damaged caused by using this rom. I give testers the rom before i publish it so you shuoldn't have any problems
  • Do Not Publish Any Mirror For the Rom!
  • If you use my rom as base, post a link to this thread+ credit
  • If you publish my rom, post a link to this thread + credit



If you have bugs, report at XDA thread or Contact Us page.