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Change Log:


  • New Super Screamy Theme - ICS Theme!
  • Beats Audio! There won't be any icon or something but your will hear the changes! (thx to RockoDev [Click to the original thread])
  • Restored RevolutioN v2.0 Lock Ring
  • Added DSP Manager
  • New Camera Fix!
  • Changed Task Killer From Aggressive To Normal(as you requested..)
  • New Fonts! Roboto Style!
  • Updated Hosts file
  • Updated all apps!
  • New Sense 4 Clock widget! (thx to Yngwie Malmsteen[Click to the original thread])
  • New Deamon Controller! 3.3-beta5
  • And more...


  • More Tweaks
  • Changed Kernel to Gingercakes0.9cfs_no2way_HAVS
  • Updated Market to the fastest version of the markets: 3.4.4
  • Updated All Apps And Some files
  • New Amazing Wallpapers!
  • New lockscreen ring without credits of the rom(thx to all cryers here)
  • New Battery Icon!
  • And more that I forgot.


  • Restored Tweaks & Fast From v1.0
  • Removed:
    - Gallery 3D
    - Google Voice
    - Google +
  • Updated Google Maps Brut to 5.10.1 (thx to ownhere)
  • Updated All Apps


  • Sense 3 MMS/SMS(thx to mistaliu)
  • Restored v1.0 Tweaks
  • Fixed Camera Autobright(From Max To Normal)
  • Fixed Aggressive Task Manager(system will be slower, you get what you ask..)
  • Removed 2-ways-record To prevent battery drain(will be added as an extra)


  • Fixed Kernel place in Data++
  • Removed stock ram tweaks and replaced it in juwe11 ram script
  • Full APK Optimization
  • Camera Fix
  • Updated Google Apps
  • Fixed Task Killer
  • Updated Market to ICS Market v3.2.0


  • Initial release